Adamant city of Irpin: Unveiling the Investment Gem

After Kyiv Oblast was deocсupied, 76% of Irpen found to be destroyed completely or partially. From the first days Irpin began to revive and recover. More specifically, 7,204 infrastructure objects were damaged or destroyed, including over 3,247 residential buildings, resulting in 16,358 residents becoming homeless. The city also witnessed damage to educational institutions, medical facilities, water pumping stations, sewage pumping stations, boiler houses, and municipal special equipment. Hundreds of citizens and volunteers came to the city to help clean the streets and restore infrastructure. At the beginning of May, at the call of the Chairman of the Investment Council of Irpen, almost one and a half hundred architects, urban planners, designers, engineers, and other specialists came to the city to see with their own eyes the consequences of the military invasion and help to restore the architecture of Irpin. In a month (June 2022), 85% of residents returned to the city and a year later (March 2023) Irpin became a home for 21,858 Ukrainians from Kharkiv, Mariupol, Zaporizhzhia, Kherson and other cities where the enemy came.

Since the war, substantial efforts have been made to restore Irpin’s infrastructure. As of January 2023, 390 objects have been restored, including 308 high-rise buildings and 120 private buildings. Additionally, collaboration with international organizations and governments has played a crucial role in the reconstruction process. Projects supported by the Kyiv regional organization of the Red Cross Society of Ukraine, International Charity Organization Project Hope, Italian foundation Terre des Hommes Italia, and the Lithuanian government have contributed significantly to the restoration of key institutions such as hospitals, kindergartens, and schools.

  • Infrastructure Restoration: Irpin requires approximately $1 billion to restore the city to its pre-conflict state. Investment opportunities exist in various sectors, including the reconstruction of residential buildings, educational institutions, medical facilities, and critical infrastructure such as water supply and drainage systems. These projects offer long-term growth potential and contribute to improving the quality of life for Irpin residents.
  • Real Estate Development: The reconstruction efforts have created demand for new residential and commercial properties in Irpin. Investors can explore opportunities to develop modern housing complexes, commercial spaces, and mixed-use projects to cater to the growing population and revive the local economy.
  • Tourism and Hospitality: Irpin’s strategic location, natural beauty, and cultural heritage make it an attractive destination for tourism. Investing in hospitality infrastructure, including hotels, resorts, and leisure facilities, can tap into the city’s tourism potential and contribute to its economic recovery.
  • Sustainable Development: As Irpin rebuilds, there is a strong emphasis on sustainability and eco-friendly practices. Investors interested in renewable energy, green infrastructure, and environmentally conscious initiatives can play a pivotal role in shaping Irpin’s sustainable future.

With the joint efforts of the team of the Irpin City Council, the Irpin Reconstruction Fund and the official working group on the reconstruction of the city “Irpin Reconstruction Summit”, the process of active reconstruction has begun in the city. With the joint efforts of the team of the Irpin City Council, the Irpin Reconstruction Fund and the official working group of “Irpin Reconstruction Summit”, the process of active reconstruction has begun.

It was the start of the unique project “Irpin Reconstruction Summit”, which united specialists in various fields for the restoration of the city. Almost 50 specialists from more than 10 countries and 3 continents joined the project. The project was supported by the UN, the Committee of the Regions (EU), experts from the USA, Chile, France, Italy, Great Britain, Canada and Germany. In November 2022, a memorandum between Irpen and the world-famous American architectural and design firm Gensler was signed. Plenty of other international companies are involved, such as: Italian «Green Building Council Italia», Fondazione «Terre des Hommes», «Stefano Boeri Architetti», Chilean «Though, Integral Infrastructure and Urban Planning Solutions» and Netherlands «Hiroki Masura MASA architects».

For the sustainable reconstruction of the city, the team of the “Irpin Reconstruction Summit” project, led by the head of the official working group, together with city council specialists, developed the Irpin Urban Territorial Community Recovery Plan for 2023-2033. The plan for the recovery includes several directions: liquidation of consequences, restoration of the housing stock, creation of social housing, creation of new infrastructure facilities, reconstruction of social and critical infrastructure, implementation of investment projects, memorialization and development of tourism potential. The New York Times magazine mentions the project as a model for the restoration of Ukrainian cities and calls Irpin a “reconstruction laboratory”.


This report was made by Ukrainian Marshall on May 25, 2023

Ukrainian Marshal is a team of experienced managers from Ukraine and the West that helps with the reconstruction of the country. Many head of states are visiting Ukraine with a lot of promises, funds from international organizations are presented, but most projects need private initiates to get alive. Our team is visiting many cities, understanding local needs and analyzing investment projects in production, logistics, agriculture, real estate, green energy, food, retail and many more industries.

We help to find international investors and to give those investors the right management support. Ukraine is moving towards European Union, many legals changes are on its way and corruption is considerably getting less. Despite the horrible war in parts of the country, now we see the right moment for international investors to come to Ukraine. It is important to create new jobs in Ukraine – for this reason we help Ukrainian producers to find new customers and international companies to settle down in Ukraine with very favorable economic opportunities. Soon, we will start our own Ukrainian Investment Fund where smaller investors will have the chance too to participate in the coming boom of the country.