Reports about Investing in Ukraine

Our Ukrainian Marshall Research Team is regularly producing interesting reports about the investment climate, opportunities, legal changes, grants and subsidy programs as well as individual projects in Ukraine. Have a look at our library and enjoy the valuable information.

7th of August 2023
Renewable Energy Progress in Ukraine: Enhancing Energy Security
20th of July 2023
Unleashing Ukraine's Industrial Potential: A Lucrative Opportunity in Machinery Engineering
17th of July 2023
An Irresistible Investment Outlook in Ukraine's Construction Industry
10th of July 2023
Unraveling Ukraine's IT Sector - Trends, Dynamics, and Advancements
6th of July 2023
Rising Skylines, Soaring Opportunities: Investing in Ukraine's Thriving Real Estate Sector
5th of July 2023
Adamant city of Irpin: Unveiling the Investment Gem