Direct investment Opportunities

Ukraine offers diverse investment opportunities with promising returns on investment (ROIs). As stated by the Ukrainian government, the country aims to become a significant global construction hub. Anticipated EU membership and the resolution of the war are expected to attract support from European and global funds, along with aid programs for the country. Initial estimates suggest that the reconstruction of infrastructure alone could cost up to $750 billion.

Moreover, private investors will play a crucial role in meeting the country’s investment needs. At Ukrainian Marshall, we specialize in guiding investors towards suitable projects aligned with their investment strategies, while also facilitating access to international aid programs to maximize their investments. Investing swiftly in Ukraine can potentially yield higher ROIs.

Current investments

Have a look at our selection of current projects. This is only a small selection. We also help investors to find a customized project for your strategy and budget. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any wish.

Industrial complex (former excavator plant)

Reconstruction of the hospital with additional multi-level parking ROI (7 years): 5.3% p.a.

Multifunctional center ROI (6 years): 12% p.a.

Accommodation for elderly individuals ROI (10 years): 13% p.a.

Maternity home ROI (6-7 years):  7 % p.a.

Parking Lisova subway station ROI:  15% p.a.

Garages reconstruction into multi-level parking ROI:  12% p.a.

Boiler house renovation ROI (4.26 years):  23.1% p.a.

Infrastructural and technical reconstruction of the boiler house ROI (10 years):  24.7% p.a.

Implementation of greenhouse complex ROI (10 years):  13%

Construction of the sports complex ROI (10 years):  21% p.a.

Establishment of rehabilitation center in Irpin city ROI (10 years):  6% p.a.

Reconstruction of the pumping station facilities ROI (9,5 years):  10% p.a.

Private school construction in Irpin city ROI (10 years):  6% p.a.

Regional recycling factory construction ROI (10 years):  16% p.a.

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