Maternity home ROI (6-7 years):  7 % p.a.

Development of a specialized maternity hospital in the thriving city of Irpin.

Project Summary

Project Nr.  181

Type:  Maternity home

City:  Irpin (Kyiv Region)

Sponsor:  Irpin Reconstruction Fund

Investment:  1.5 M EUR

Construction:  1-2 years

ROI (6-7 years):  7 % p.a.

Profit Payout:  Annually after construction

Grants:  Possible

UA-Subsidies:  Tax-Relief

Insurance:  Possible

Project Details

Development of a specialized maternity hospital in the thriving city of Irpin. With the region lacking sufficient medical facilities, the communally owned Irpin Maternity Hospital in Vorzel stands as the sole provider.

  • Growing Birth Rate: Irpin holds the record for the highest birth rate in the Kyiv region, with neighboring Bucha also experiencing a significant number of births.
  • Favorable Demographics: The average age of the population in the region is 35 years, indicating a consistent demand for maternity services.
  • Population Growth: Irpin exhibits high migratory attractiveness, with a population growth rate exceeding 4% in 2021.
  • Increasing Income Levels: The average salary in Irpin has shown a promising 16% increase since the beginning of the year, reaching €350 in the 6th quarter of 2020.
  • Target Audience: The primary target audience includes young families residing in Irpin (constituting 75% of the population), as well as nearby cities, towns, and even the bustling city of Kyiv.

This investment opportunity allows for the establishment of a well-equipped maternity hospital, catering to the growing needs of the community. By providing top-quality healthcare services to expecting parents, we aim to contribute to the well-being and future prosperity of the region.


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