Construction of the sports complex ROI (10 years):  21% p.a.

The sports complex will serve as a hub for athletic excellence and community engagement.

Project Summary

Project Nr.  186

Type:  Sports complex

City:  Kyiv

Sponsor:  Kyiv Investment Agency

Investment:  21.1 M EUR

Construction:  3 years

ROI (10 years):  21% p.a.

Profit Payout:  Annual Payments

Grants:  Possible

UA-Subsidies:  Tax-Relief

Insurance:  Possible

Project Details

The sports complex will serve as a hub for athletic excellence and community engagement. With its comprehensive facilities, including a swimming pool, ice arena, games room, sports hall for boxing, and administrative premises, the complex will cater to a wide range of sporting interests and activities. By promoting physical fitness, skill development, and a sense of camaraderie, it will contribute to the social well-being and cohesion of the local community.

Spanning an expansive 1.53 hectares, the sports complex will house a wide array of facilities to meet the diverse needs of sports enthusiasts. The swimming pool will provide a venue for training, competitions, and recreational swimming, catering to individuals of all ages and skill levels. The ice arena will be a focal point for ice sports, offering opportunities for figure skating, ice hockey, and public skating sessions.

In addition, the games room will provide a recreational space for leisure activities, fostering a sense of fun and relaxation. The sports hall for boxing will cater to both aspiring athletes and fitness enthusiasts, offering training and competition opportunities. Finally, the administrative premises will ensure the smooth operation and efficient management of the complex, providing a seamless experience for visitors.

The project aligns with the city’s commitment to urban development, attracting potential support from local authorities and institutions. The combination of a diverse range of sporting amenities, efficient management practices, and a prime location ensures the project’s sustainability and potential for value appreciation.


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